Children’s Dentistry

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Your children’s first dental visit

The Canadian Dental Association recommends that a child’s first dental visit should be within 6 months of the eruption of the first tooth or by one year of age. The objective with children’s dentistry is to have your child visit the dentist before there is a problem with their teeth and by bringing your child at this age, they will become more comfortable with coming to see us!  

Dental care at home

Dental homecare for children is the same as for adults, brushing twice a day and flossing once a day. During your child’s visit, our dentist may want to take x-rays. This will show decay between the teeth that can’t be seen visually during a dental exam.  

Fluoride treatments

Fluoride is a mineral that has a positive effect on oral health by making teeth more resistant to decay. A fluoride treatment may be recommended by the dentist at your child’s dental exam to help make the teeth stronger and prevent decay (cavities).  

Permanent Teeth

Once your child has their permanent molars, it may be suggested that they have sealants placed to protect them from cavities. A sealant is a kind of plastic that is put on the chewing surfaces of the molars to help protect the teeth and prevent cavities.

Children’s Dentistry
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Tooth decay in children

In children’s dentistry, cavities are common in primary (baby) teeth. If your child does develop decay in their baby teeth, they should be treated. Often times we are able to restore these cavities with regular fillings, either composite (white), amalgam (silver) or stainless steel crowns if a significant amount of tooth structure has been compromised. If the decay is quite deep and close to the pulp (nerve) of the tooth, a procedure called a pulpotomy would likely be performed. With this procedure, the decay is removed from the tooth as well as the nerve from the pulp chamber. The tooth is then treated with a medicated filling material as well as one of the restorations mentioned above. 

The goal of a pulpotomy is to be able to keep the tooth in the mouth until its regular exfoliation time as it serves as a space holder for the permanent tooth that will take its place.

In some cases, when the decay is too extensive to restore or there is an abscess present, the tooth should be removed. Depending on the location of the tooth and the age and dental development of your child, a space maintainer appliance may be recommended to hold the space for the permanent tooth. 

Saskatoon dental clinic with your child’s comfort in mind

Depending on the age, amount of work needed and anxiety level of your child, nitrous oxide sedation (commonly known as laughing gas) may be recommended to help make your child’s dental appointment a more positive one. Our goal is to maintain a positive relationship with your child while providing the best dental care possible. If we feel your child may do better treated by a pediatric specialist, we will discuss that with you and refer as necessary. 

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Dental Exams, Cleaning & Prevention

A dental exam is critical to your ongoing oral health. A dental exam is the first step in determining overall oral health and allows your dentist to detect any early dental problems that might require oral surgery or other interventions later on.



Children’s Dentistry – Family Friendly

Good habits are formed early in life. Here at Circle Drive & 8th Street Dental in Saskatoon, we know that bringing your child in at an early age starts them on a path to proper dental hygiene and health for the rest of their lives. And we are always happy to welcome new patients!

Emergency Dental Care

Are you experiencing a persistent toothache? Or perhaps a filling has broken and you need it repaired? Don’t worry, we are here to help! We provide a full range of emergency dental services for Saskatoon and accept emergency appointments on short notice. 

Fillings, Bondings, Root Canals & Extractions

Cavities are one of the most common dental problems that our patients experience. Bonding is a painless way to make minor repairs to teeth. Root canal treatment is an effective and safe treatment for teeth whose pulp has become inflamed or infected. In some cases, an extraction is needed when a tooth cannot be restored.

Crowns, Veneers, Bridges & Implants

If your tooth is damaged, a crown can be used to restore its shape, appearance and function.  You may need a crown if you have a root canal, a large filling or a broken tooth.



Nightguards, Sportsguards & Snoring Appliances

Here at our Saskatoon dental clinic, we provide fittings for nightguards, sports guards, and other equipment that protects your teeth against nighttime clenching and grinding, sports injuries and snoring. 




If the thought of a dentist’s appointment makes you anxious, we have options that can make your visit more comfortable. Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is one option. Another form of sedation we offer at our clinic is oral sedation, for adults only.



Teeth Whitening

Your smile is one of your best selling points, and no first impression is complete without one. Our clinic offers teeth whitening services to keep your pearly whites looking their best.



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